Driving Technology.


On the leading-edge of transportation — that’s where you’ll find Lux Bus America. Our fleet and offices are equipped with the latest intelligent technology designed to enhance the passenger experience, improve our efficiencies, and keep our clients connected to a wealth of real-time data that drives returns. Learn how Lux Bus America can help move you.

Innovation Throughout

From our high-tech vehicles to our highly efficient operations, we embrace and leverage the latest innovations to add value for our clients and passengers. And we’re constantly evolving to stay miles ahead of the pack.

Wireless Integration

All vehicles in our fleet offer WiFi, so passengers can catch up on emails, surf the Internet, Skype, check in with social media, and stay connected as well as productive on the go.

Custom Applications

From GPS to passenger analytics, we’ll customize easy-to-use tools that deliver a wealth of valuable data about your routes, ridership, drive times, on-time performance, fuel consumption, rider satisfaction and more.

Behind The Scenes.

It’s not just our high-tech vehicles. We’ve also invested in intelligent technology you can’t see, in our back office and across our operations. These investments allow us to respond quickly to requests, identify the most efficient routes, and adapt on the fly.

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